The team

Lionel PILLETChairman -

Lionel is a jack-of-all-trades who is interested in all subjects. He has been following Airdrink since its beginnings and wanted to get more involved in the life of the association, by taking the position of president.

Philippe GONIN - Treasurer -

Philippe has always been passionate about access to drinking water. Beyond the classical solutions (boreholes, water towers, fountains, trucks), he is interested in new technologies and is involved in sourcing different solutions for water production and filtration.

Alice WOJCIECHOWSKI Center Val de Loire Branch Manager -

Alice is passionate about people and innovation. She's convinced of the role we all play towards each other. Acting for well-being with innovative and easy-to-implement technologies made her want to join Airdrink.

Virginie MASSE - Marketing/Communications Manager -

Virginie wants to put communication and web marketing at the service of solidarity and well-being. Following the NGO Airdrink since its beginnings, it is natural that she got involved when the opportunity arose. Since then, Virginie has been supporting the NGO by ensuring the good performance of the web distribution channels.

Patrick GRECO -

Water is not necessary to life, it is life (Saint Exupéry)... 
"I was lucky enough to meet Airdrink and Philippe at a time when I was looking for a project in line with my values and my desire to help others.

Jade REGINENSI - Video production -

Jade has experience in Australian animal rescue organizations. She supervises and directs audio visual productions, scripts, video editing.

The team is always on the lookout for new driving forces to improve the daily lives of as many people as possible.

So, if you too wish to act in favor of access to drinking water, contact us!