Activity reports


2023 is the year in which the first projects will be completed and operations launched on site. Great victories, and this is just the beginning.

Dedicated to an exciting retrospective of the past year, as you turn the pages, you'll discover a captivating account of our achievements, the challenges we overcame and the highlights that marked our year.

This report is more than just a compilation of facts and figures. It embodies the unwavering commitment of our team and the invaluable partners who have helped us achieve our goals. Every project, every initiative, every smile shared tells a story of passion, impact and progress.

We invite you to delve into these pages, to explore the successes along the way, and to learn from the challenges we've faced. This report is a reflection of our transparency, our responsibility and our constant desire to make a positive difference.

Beyond the statistics, it's the vibrant soul of our association that you'll discover here. We hope you find it as inspiring as our work inspires us every day. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us, as each page turned represents another step towards a future we're building together.

As you explore this document, we hope you'll feel the vibrant energy that drives our association and be inspired by our shared vision. Thank you for joining us in this retrospective, as each year reported represents a crucial milestone in our collective journey towards a fairer world.


Download the 2023 report