Mission trips

These special expeditions embody our commitment to crossing physical boundaries to extend our impact and contribute positively to communities around the world.

Our mission trips are not simply journeys, but immersive experiences where humanitarian action meets cultural discovery. Each participant becomes an ambassador of hope, bringing his or her vision and dedication where it's needed.

Our mission trips are designed to create meaningful links and gather data that will enable us to provide feedback on the benefits of our projects and the needs of the local population, so that we can plan further actions.

We believe in the power of intercultural exchange to transform lives, inspire progress and strengthen ties between peoples.

Join us in this altruistic adventure, where every kilometer covered is an opportunity to make a significant contribution. Together, we're shaping a world where solidarity transcends borders, and where every journey becomes a step towards a brighter future. Embark with us to experience the extraordinary and make a difference that will resonate far beyond our horizons.

> Mission trip already completed

Togo - August 2023 - 7 days

Visits to 6 villages in Togo ( Agotové / Amakpape / Atchavé / Dalia / Kloegname / Notsé ) to take stock of the situation and needs, and plan future actions for the association.

> Upcoming missions

Spring 2024 - Destination and duration to be defined

Mission objectives

Summer 2024 - Destination and duration to be defined

Mission objectives